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Benefits Of Raw Dog Food – Dr Isla Fishburn

Isla Fishburn is a Behaviorist & BSc in Zoology &MBiolSci &PhD in Conservation Biology. In this series of videos she talks about the benefits of feeding raw food to our dogs. In other articles mom will also be covering the best way to transition and easy...

Dog Versions Of Airbnb And Other Services

About time! Mom doesn´t care much about other sites, but when it comes to baby sitting (or paw sitting :)) she pays attention. In this article from Fortune they talk about several sites for humans and their equivalent for dogs. Mom found these two particularly...

Bach Flower Remedies For Pets

As you can see by some of our posts, mom believes in natural treatments, like the lady who wrote this article in The DogsNaturally Magazine. Mom has started to put 2 drops of “Rescue” (Bach flower remedy) in our water bowl, as we are having a lot of...

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Bu bu bu!!! 😥😥😥😥 I Shed!

Can someone tell me how long the “puppy uglies” will last?   Mom found this article in PetPom about this shedding…and no, there´s nothing funny about this. I need that you send me a...

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Diving Saga – Day 1

ok mom, I know I´m good! But…do you pretend that I get this small bone from the bottom???

Squeaky Piggy

Listen, listen! I found out how to make Piggy squeak! Have a pawtastic day!

My Grooming Glove

Since I don´t have much fur to be brushed, I use the grooming glove to play 😉 Have a pawsome day!

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